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What Does It Take To Make a New Habit Stick?

Updated: Nov 1

Establishing and sticking to new habits is challenging!

How did you ensure that your routines stuck this year? You know, the ones you wrote down in January when you made your list of resolutions for the new year?

Be at ease if those behaviors have long since disappeared. Ninety-two percent of people have trouble keeping their New Year's resolutions!

But why is this the case?

These concepts seem familiar to you?

You establish bad habits and overly lofty objectives.

You are unsure of how you will arrive at the outcome.

You place the blame for interruptions on other people or give other tasks priority.

We also look at how to properly build healthy habits by examining a study on habits during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we live and brought habits to light. People's lives changed as a result of having unexpectedly more free time and spending nearly all of it at home.

Many people said that they had fallen victim to the trap of undesirable habits.

They started consuming lots of unhealthy snacks. Those who regularly worked out outside the home either reduced their fitness level or quit working out completely.

On the other hand, the pandemic also gave people the chance to develop healthy habits, many of which they plan to keep up once things start to return to normal.

More people began creating meal plans, concentrating on eating healthily, and beginning to prepare meals at home. They socialized with their neighbors or over video calls while eating meals with their family. Many people focused on their inner happiness and fitness routines.

Many people used the pandemic as an opportunity to permanently alter their lives. Will these modifications last as people resume their (some semblance of) normal everyday lives?

The majority of scientists think the answer is unambiguously yes!

They had enough time thanks to the pandemic to successfully form a new habit. A new habit takes between 60 to 100 days to form, which is quite similar to the length of time people spent at home during the peak of COVID-19 infections.

There was sufficient time for acts to become automatic and for thinking to shift.

This gives people the ability to successfully maintain their new habits.

Habits are important because:

They help you achieve the standards you have for yourself.

You enhance your skills, potential, and sense of value.

They make it possible for you to achieve your objectives and fulfill your ambitions.

You develop into the person you genuinely think you are on the inside.

They encourage you to form additional habits and lead an excellent life.

What’s Your Mindset?

Every aspect of your life is impacted by your thoughts. If your perspective can be altered, so can the way you tackle behaviors.

Make Healthy Habits Last

Starting a new habit doesn't have to wait till 2022. You may carry it out straight away!

You need to prepare yourself before you start a new habit. You need to be consistent and committed if you want your habits to last.


Doing the same thing repeatedly is the essence of consistency. All habits require consistency since you must perform the same acts repeatedly.

Establish a daily time to work on your new habit to increase your consistency. To ensure that you don't have a reason to forget about it, add this to your schedule.

Regularly thinking about your new habit will help it integrate into your neural networks. Visualize yourself successfully completing the repetitive duties on a regular basis.

Resist the urge to mistrust yourself. You'll have moments when you doubt your skills, but you shouldn't pay attention to your inner critic. Instead, concentrate on the positives and focus on your behaviors.


It takes commitment to stick with your routines and not give up.

By establishing goals for yourself and coming up with a strategy for achieving these goals, you can increase your commitment to habit-building. For this procedure, a vision board can be helpful as well.

Always focus on your routines, even on the days when you don't feel like doing so. Keep the big picture in mind and realize that each day brings you one step closer to success.

Are you ready to create new habits that will improve your life?

Here’s how to do it with ease.

If you alter your way of thinking, you can attain your goals more quickly and easily than ever before. Yes, thinking is a habit as well, so you must change your way of thinking

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