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Turning Leads into Customers: 14 Tips for Making a Sale

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

What does it take to make a sale? One point of view might say it is about getting in front of someone and having your product or service offer the right thing at the right time. But you probably agree with me that it’s much more complicated than that, isn’t it?

Sales is not magic. It's an art using real-life situations and logic to get your point across. And the best way to do that is to look at the commonalities amongst all your competitors, then find out what separates you from them.

Making sales can be a real struggle, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, you don't have to be in sales to make sales. What you'll learn here is how to pinpoint all of the different parts that combine to form an entire strategy for making sales.

If you're struggling with sales, then you're not alone. Sales have been trending downward for years.

Here are some tactics to assist you find the greatest, quickest, and easiest approach to make a sale.

1. You start life with a philosophy.

Ours is...We empower business leaders and their teams to gain greater self-awareness and understand why they do what they do. We assist them in building a cohesive culture to gain focus and productivity through proven scientific tools to boost performance and increase sales. What about you? Have you got one?... Your core beliefs are what motivate you to close the deal and help the prospect understand why you're there.

2. The most important word in selling is YOU

Products and services are not purchased by prospects. They purchase salesmen first. Are they purchasing "YOU," the first sale that is made?

3. Understand "why you're selling" by first understanding your own WHY.

Your belief system is supported and strengthened by our "why." Everything is evident when the "why" is understood.

NOTE: Your true why can be 3 or 4 reasons deep. Why do you work in sales? I work in sales to increase my income. Why do you say, "I need more money to sustain my family"? "Two of my children will be starting college in the next two years, and I want them to be able to select a university based on educational quality rather than cost of attendance. Before you can have an impact on others, you must be honest with yourself. Know what your true why is?

4. The sale is in your head.

More than any other aspect of the selling process, your perspective will have a greater impact on the outcome of the transaction. Would you say "yes"?

5. Establish an impenetrable belief system.

You must have faith in your business, your products and services, and yourself to generate sales. Do you trust yourself?

6. Become self-centered about wanting to be the best.

Recognize that you are the most important person in the world. You can never be the best person you can be to serve others unless you are the best version of yourself. Cheer for yourself instead of others. You deserve it. Do you constantly strive to be your best?

7. Be your own Santa Claus.

Own the goods and presents you give. Give yourself anything you desire. For the most part, we have to either tell someone what we want for Christmas or, just go out and get it. Why is every day like Christmas for me? I deserve it. "We deserve it". Which presents have you made to yourself?

8. Understand "what you sell" from the perspective of the client, not from your own.

Unless they believe what you do will benefit them, they won't care. The way you describe your business and products affects the purchase interest you generate; talk about the possibility, not your business. Are they purchasing from you or are you selling?

9. Sell it as though you were doing so to a child of your own.

Offer guidance on it, make it easier to learn, and discuss its benefits. Protect them. To whom are you trying to market?

10. Find out what makes you unique from the competition by talking to your clients.

Something you excel at that is incredibly significant to your clients is what is meant by a competitive edge (competitive advantage has nothing to do with the competition). Do you understand your advantages over competitors?

11. People buy for themselves, not for you. Identify theirs first.

Finding out "why" is the first step in figuring out what they really need (s). Is more than 50% of your presentation about them?

12. Ask the wrong questions, get the wrong answers.

Your approach to selling will depend on how you ask. Make weekly improvements to yours until the rise in your sales demonstrates their effectiveness. Any inquiries?

13. Create questions that prompt the prospect to consider themselves and respond in terms of you, then ask them.

Make them analyze fresh data. Ask them to respond by sharing details about themselves in relation to your product or service. What inquiries do you have?

14. From being a salesperson to being a resource.

Be useful. You'll go up the ladder the more value you add. In order to be valued, one must first be of better value to a prospect than price, quality, and service. The person with the greater perceived value wins if two persons are offering the same goods at the same price and providing the same service. How much value do you offer your clients and potential clients?

The art of selling requires constant study. There are numerous ways to sell. You must learn each tactic separately if you want to master the science of selling.

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