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How Top Leaders make Great Decisions

Your everyday results will be far superior to the better daily decisions you make.

The fine art of wise decision-making isn't spoken or dissected enough, yet it's a talent that's unquestionably worth developing.

Here are some behaviors that lead to good decision-making:

1. Prepare too much, then move quickly.

Most individuals enter a meeting or business transaction on a whim. Business masters are absolutely over-prepared. They perform data analysis, go deep into the issue, and take excellent notes.

Once they are knowledgeable and confident about the matter, they make a decision right away because they know that procrastination makes it easier to locate another beneficiary.

2. Surround yourself with confident, highly intelligent people.

Many of my millionaire clients consult their inner circle of advisors before making a decision, and they are humble enough to really listen to what they have to say (almost all of them have a ritual of sleeping on the decision). However, they ultimately follow their instincts and do what they want because they trust their experience. Due to this, they are leaders (never followers).

3. Take advantage of poor choices to make excellent choices.

Every poor decision gives you the knowledge to choose wisely in the future. Failure only qualifies as failure when it is perceived as such. Michael Dell had a wise concept when he said, "Fail fast." By making a lot of decisions, you'll become brilliant at making good ones and develop a sixth feeling for the best course of action. Make greatness happen through stumbling.

4. Create a worst-case scenario plan before wishing for the best.

Consider the worst-case scenario, and if you're okay with it, go ahead and hope for the best. Keep in mind that there is no reward without risk.

5. Examine the outcome.

When someone has gained your trust, believe them, but always double-check the outcome. An old yet useful saying is "Trust but verify." The reason why so many businesses experience issues is that the leader ceased ensuring that what needed to be done (at the highest level) was actually done.

Be careful not to become so busy that you stop following up with people and holding them accountable.

6. Advance your optimization.

Once you've chosen a choice, continue making every effort to improve the situation. For world-class achievements, you must have a "NSI Mindset" (Never Stop Improving).

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