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How to Handle Criticism Beyond Emotional Reactivity?

Updated: Nov 1

“Emotional reactivity” is when you connect in your mind that something external to you is the “cause” of a feeling of anxiety, panic, or negative self-talk.

If you find yourself always going back to events from your past and feeling negative emotions when you do, this is also emotional reactivity. The goal is to be able to visit any experience from your past and be neutral about it, or better yet, not feel the need to visit it except to use it to draw on what you’ve learned so that you may improve the experience of this moment.

If you feel emotional reactivity around too many things, or too often, or if you think you’re super-sensitive to what you perceive as criticism, even when someone simply doesn’t agree with you, then your ability to move forward, build rewarding relationships, feel joy, and express spontaneity is going to be hijacked.

How do we prevent this?

Download the 6 Step Formula to Prevent Emotional Reactivity Click Here

You have to change for YOU.

Practice, practice, practice, small steps, each day, learning to respond – rather than react – with reflective thought, calm, and grace.

P.S: Whenever you're ready... here are 2 WAYS we can help you progress in life:

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