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Our next Hero:

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Nelly Nirosha

"My advice to women of color who have been overlooked, overworked, or passed over is to recognize that we are part of a system that is biased against us. It's not something that I've focused on changing."

What's keeping us from functioning in an unhealthy way? It's like your brain is doing the work of processing whatever the trauma is or whatever it is that you know was that significant event for you. Try to make peace with it while fighting to change it by seizing or creating opportunities when they actually occur.

Learn more about Chloe's story in our next session on the

30th of June at 1:45 pm AEST!

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What is Our Everyday Heroes about?

Our Everyday Heroes is an initiative to shine light on stories of inspiration, resilience, courage, and bravery where we can learn how to build our own wings and learn to soar high in the face of adversity and come out the other end super strong.

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